Release Mission ministries include but not limited to the following

Release Apostleship Ministry

Release Apostleship Ministry (RAM). The purpose of this ministry is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ across our national, cultural, and language borders and assist existing churches to build on the foundation of Christ. This is the core ministry for initial church planting. Identifies unreached areas. Recognizes people called for missions, recruits, trains, sends them to the unreached places and follows them up. Plants national churches and leaves them to nationals at maturity and moves to new nations. This ministry will also work with existing churches to empower them for missions and development.

Release Mount of Olives Ministry

The purpose of MOM is the Adoration of the Living God and intercession for missions and nations. We aim at engaging ourselves and teaching people, especially churches to praise, worship and adore the Living God and pray for the church, missions and nations. MOM establishes prayer centres in different communities and countries. Currently, Mizeituni Adoration Centre (MAC) is being established, and five of twenty five planned prayer centres are already rehabilitated in Minembge, in D.R. Congo.

Release Media and Bible Ministry

The purpose of Release Media and Bible Ministry (MBM) is spread the word of God through mass media and the written word. This includes Christian literature, radio, TV and Bible translation in languages of the target community groups to avail the Bible in languages that people can read and understand. Translation of the Bible in Kinyamulenge is currently ongoing. About 400,000 people will read that Bible. Other Media programs will be initiated.

Release Community Development Ministry

The purpose of Release Community Development Ministry (CDM) is to bring about socio-economic development, livelihoods diversification and industrialization, community empowerment and capacity building, and food security, and any other community initiated programs. Provision and production of environment friendly sustainable energy is one of the major focuses. These energy will include electricity through construction of small scale hydro electrical plans and Biogas digesters. CDM also aims at empowering churches economically to enable them support mission work.

Release Education Ministry

Release Education Ministry (REM) deals with mainly educational institutions and capacity building programs. Some of the institutions that REM is planning to establish include: 1. Release Group of Schools: These are primary and secondary schools that will be established in different countries. 2. Release Higher Education Institutions: They include Release University of Minembge (RUM), Release University of Hargeisa (RUH). Land is already acquired in D.R. Congo for RUM. The institutions will focus on applied sciences and technology to enable people create jobs. They also aim at development of leaders of influence. May the Lord God make these dreams realities.

Release Health Ministry

Release Health Ministry (RHM) is a ministry that will provide health services to people. Preventive services will be the main focus although curative will also be part of the ministry.

Release Environment Stewardship Ministry

Release Environment Stewardship Ministry (RESM) will also deal with environment protection, conservation and improvement through sustainable programs. It will also deal with lobbying for the same purpose. God commands to take care of the environment (Romans 8:16-22).

Release Institute for Integrated Research

This is a research program for innovation and how to put in practice the existing knowledge in socio-economic technological and environmental development through publications. There should be research before implementation of programs to make sure it is based on updated situation.