Release International Mission (RIM) is a mission and development organization that was founded to expand the Kingdom of God among the unreached communities in Africa and beyond. Its strategy is holistic. It endeavors to meet the needs of people in all the dimensions of life: Spirit, Soul and Body, and his social and physical environment for their full well being.

RIM follows the itinerary of the Gospel according to the instructions of Jesus Christ beginning from Jerusalem (Minembge), to whole of Judea (D.R. Congo), Samaria (Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, etc.) and to the Ends of the World (Africa and Other parts of World).

To achieve its mission, RIM fulfills the Great Commission through eleven ministries grouped into spiritual, development and administrative wings.

The spiritual wing is made of:

  1. Mount Olives Ministry (MOM),
  2. Release Apostleship Ministry(RAM),
  3. Release Pentecostal Churches (RPC),
  4. Media and Bible Ministry (MBM).
  5. Release Restoration and Peace-building Ministry (RRPM). The development wing is made of:
  6. Release Institute of Integrated Research (RIIR),
  7. Community Development Ministry (CDM),
  8. Release Education Ministry (REM),
  9. Release Health Ministry (RHM),
  10. Release Environment Stewardship Ministry (RESM), And then
  11. Governance and Operations Ministry (GOM).